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Dear Friend,

The opportunities to cash in on real estate is making a huge comeback... bigger and faster than you've ever dared to dream. And it's all because of actions set in motion by big lenders, political leaders, and the market itself.

So read this letter carefully... for reasons I'll show you, making money in 2013 will almost be like walking out your door, and having money fall from the sky... because the market is about to change once again like something you have never seen before!

And at this event, I'll show you exactly what you have to do to position yourself in front of this NEW market to flood your bank account with cash.

My 'All-New' training will hand you every tool you'll need to make seven figures as fast - or faster - than I have! These are NEW opportunities you can exploit for even bigger money. But...

As a valued student or customer, your $2997 Tuition has been waived for you and a guest. However seating is extremely limited, so make sure to register today! This will be the most important 3-day event you'll ever attend.

But don't underestimate the value of this conference (which others are paying $2,997 or more for). Actually, the latest twists and turns in the marketplace make this event crucial for anyone who wants to make money in real estate today.

Let me explain...

You can't afford to miss these strategies I'm revealing in this conference... strategies that have NEVER been revealed before. These are advanced tactics, the latest up-to-the-minute methods that are working NOW!


Register Me For This Event

Here's my guarantee to you:

"You will quickly discover how ordinary people are making big money in a few spare hours per week, cashing their first check in as little as seven days... and creating a lifetime of financial security for themselves and their family on a part-time basis.. and how you can, too!"

That's a fact... just a couple of days, face-to-face with me, and ANYONE can have all the tools they need to become a six-figure real estate investor... and get their first payday in less than a week!

And you won't be the first, either. Time after time, I've exploded the myth that learning real estate investing is hard, or takes too much time to figure out.

In fact, I've got a reputation for not being afraid to reveal the cold, hard truth:

They don't care about you in the least... after they get your money. And they prey on your lack of experience to cheat you out of it.

Here's how the scam works:

Most new investors buy real estate courses with the promise of making money for their themselves and their family. But they soon discover endless hours of DVD's, manuals, eBooks, etc...

If they slog their way through this mountain of dung, they find out it takes a year or two before they make any real money, or (worse!) it doesn't work!

Then they turn the blame inwards. Like it's their fault. Like they didn't learn it right. Or they're not up to it.

Meanwhile, the "guru" who sold the course, but doesn't even do deals himself, pockets your money and laughs as you blame yourself!

Hi, my name is Jeff Adams. And here's why I can help you...

For over 16 years I've gotten rich in real estate by actually doing deals. And in all that time, I've seen dozens of so-called "gurus" come and go.

I was here long before this current crop of self-appointed "experts." And I'll be here long after they're gone.

But even more important, I know what you need. Because in 1995, I was in your shoes.

Or probably far worse.

You see, I wasn't "exactly" low on money. Nope.

I was wayyyyy beyond that!

Actually, I was over $250,000 in debt! Let me tell you how I got there...

Back then, I was a firefighter, pulling people from burning buildings, saving lives.

Believe me, when you are faced with life and death nearly every day, you take nothing for granted. You live each day to its fullest,  working hard and playing hard!

Well, maybe I played a little too hard. And before I knew it, I was over $200 grand behind.

But a job like mine forced me to grow up fast. We had a code of honor. I refused to walk away from my obligations.

It was time to man-up!

It was then that I heard about investing in Foreclosures and REO's (Real Estate Owned by banks... already foreclosed on). The word was, if you were good, you could make money fast.

At first, like most new investors, I was overwhelmed. Here's why:

  1. I had no one to show me what to do.
  2. I struggled, having to work a full-time job, and flip houses, too.
  3. Doing foreclosures sixteen years ago was tough... there weren't tons of bank-owned houses like there are today.

But I'm an honest man. I pay my bills. So I had to learn to be real good, real fast -- just to survive.

Then one day, after months of "investor overload"...

I sort of "stumbled across" an astonishing secret... one that would have my investing business run "in the background," on autopilot!

Amazingly, that made it a piece of cake to work my job... and have money pour in from my real estate investing, without having to spend endless hours per week on it.

The results?

Things took off. Almost instantly, I started generating money so fast my bank account got swamped!

But enough about me. I want to show you how to do the same thing in a four-day event that will change the way you make money forever!

And I've picked one of the most glamorous, chic, and stylish places in America to hold it:

We picked the most exciting location we could think of... the ninth-largest city and part of the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the nation!

The ultra modern and sophisticated city attracts worldwide travelers, making the area the No. 1 visitor and leisure destination in Southern California.

I suggest you take an extra day or two, and turn this into an unforgettable vacation for the entire family to explore what the city has to offer or even check out some theme parks!

NOTE: This is NOT a pitch-fest! My power team and I are here to deliver high-quality, valuable content, NOT sell courses.

Three days of hard-hitting foreclosure tactics -- strategies I've never taught before to anyone, secrets that have made me literally millions. These are tips and tricks no one ANYWHERE is teaching -- that will force your business to succeed!
Get in on information-packed sessions of advanced strategies -- what's working now -- that you can take back to your town to dominate your market.
High-level networking with potential joint-venture partners, who can make your business boom!
Q&A panels to help troubleshoot your investing issues
VIP Parties that make Vegas look like a high-school sock-hop...  DJ’s, red-hot models, drinking, dancing... and a few surprises that you’ll be talking about  for years...

Reserve your seat now for this closed-door, limited event:


    Don't worry about dealing with the stumbling, bumbling, bureaucratic bankers who try to intimidate investors. They'll be completely cut out of the action (You'll never have to give them the time of day!)

    Get FREE access to you local Multiple Listing Service... even if you're not a realtor!

    Exploiting your free MLS access to find the best deals.

    How to tap into a HUGE source of foreclosure deals -- Real Estate Disposition Companies -- to build your inventory fast and cheap

    How to get wholesalers lined up at your door to buy your properties (Hint: how to offer them properties at 50 to 60 cents on the dollar... and you'll still making a killing, using this tactic!)


    Find the "Hot Zone" in your area... the best place to buy-and-sell for the big bucks (Hint: it's seldom the richest neighborhoods... instead, it's where you can REPEATEDLY flip properties for fast cash and fat paydays!)

    The screening system that uncovers diamonds covered by piles of dung... and how to know the difference between the two. These overlooked gems will make you rich!

    Which kind of houses you'll want to snatch-up ASAP... and which ones to run from, in deadly fear! This one strategy could make -- or save -- you tens of thousands.

    How to practically eliminate risk: know upfront if you'll make money on a deal... plus, how much and how fast.


    Did you know... 90% of foreclosures offers are rejected because of submission errors? But you'll get it right every time with our exclusive "no-fail" offer acceptance strategy, while your competition loses their best deals to you!

    How to submit a package that builds your credibility and shows them they're dealing with a professional.

    The best response to a counter offer... ninja negotiation tactics to get you what you want, at a price YOU specify... They'll be helpless as you twist their arm into a deal on YOUR terms!

    "Follow-up skills" of the super-deal closers... how this one tactic can make the difference between getting a high-profit deal under your belt... or letting it slip away to someone else.


    Easy lead generation techniques that will have buyers beating a path to your door... harness the power of the Internet to get herds of traffic to your properties.

    How to get the highest prices (or rents) for your houses by creating a feeding frenzy with proven marketing tactics that cause widespread demand for whatever you rent or sell.

    Pro-level strategies that weed out the bad buyers, leaving only qualified and eager people wanting to do business with you.

    Property management system that insulates you from dealing with tenants...  rake in rent checks without ever unplugging a toilet!


    Millionaire closing strategies: seven-figure tips, tricks, and secrets that the pros use to close deals on their terms.

    Preparing for the Escrow process... knowing the golden path to riches, and how to keep the money-train on track.

    Hassle-free paperwork: the easy way to sort through addendums, disclosures, and other details... freeing up your time to pursue more money-making deals!


    Your fast-track plan summary for building a real estate empire in two years or less!

    Putting it all together for a million-dollar strategy...

    Short-cut steps to building a power team that can easily slash your work load... by as much as 90%!

    How to kick your wealth-building plan-of-attack into high gear, so you can retire rich, and retire young.

    Millionaire mindset secrets (Yes, the rich really do think different than the rest of America... and you'll discover how to have the confidence you need to propel you to the top!)

In short...

My question to you is... are you finally ready to change your life, to get on the track to wealth, and -- far more important -- the freedom that it buys?

If so, you need to come to Dallas, Texas to claim financial freedom with a proven system that has already made many of my students rich.

Fill out the form below, and I'll look forward to meeting you in person!

Friday - Sunday, February 8th- 10th, 2013
The Foreclosure Wealth Academy Starts Promptly at ...
9:00 am on Friday- til approx. 6:00 pm
9:00 am on Saturday - til approx. 6:00 pm
9:00 am on Sunday - til approx. 6:00 pm

(Registration starts on Friday at 8:00 am)

Doubletree DFW Airport North
4441 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX 75063
(972) 929-8181

When booking your room, please mention "Adams Publishing Group" or "Jeff Adams" to receive your discounted room rate.

Click here to book your hotel room online today!


Most seminars and conventions cram people into uncomfortable seats that make it difficult to take notes.  We take a different approach, giving you a nice "classroom-style" event so you can take notes and feel comfortable. We'll even give you a pen and pad of paper.  Have a glass of water, relax.  We give you all this so you can be comfortable, not so we can pack people in like cattle.  There's a catch though ... Classroom seating takes up a lot of room, so the event will be limited  to only 200 serious investors, so don't wait ... REGISTER NOW!

YES! I want to claim my seat at the Foreclosure Wealth Academy in Dallas, Texas to snowball the growth of my business, starting right now, with a proven game plan that triumphant real estate investors have used repeatedly -- and that's guaranteed to explode my income in 2013!

I understand that I get these FREE bonus gifts worth thousands of dollars!

Unstoppable Property Flipping! Have you ever been stopped from reselling a house by a lender requiring you to hold a property for 30+ days before you can flip it? They call it "seasoning." I call it BS.

Well, they won't stop your house flipping anymore with their "seasoning." I give you my coveted list of lenders who have no such requirements, and are "flip friendly!" I've been offered $2K for this list, but I'm only giving it to whoever attends this event. (Value: $2000? At least!)

My Million-Dollar Systems. I've put together a "business in a box" for you. You get ALL my latest checklists, forms, contracts, marketing pieces... everything that keeps my business a well-oiled profit machine.
(Value: $1000)

My Freshly Updated REO Directory... This incredibly valuable resource lists all the banks around the United States, and contact information for their asset managers!

I use this invaluable resource on a daily basis in my business, and so will you! (Value: $100,000+ in savings and new biz opportunities per year)

Exclusive VIP Networking Session for ALL Attendees. Form a mastermind group, network with other real estate entrepreneurs, get your piece of high level deal making, create million-dollar partnerships... the possibilities are endless when you rub shoulders with other successful investors.

Plus, you'll get face time with me and my top level coaches in a casual, talk-as-you-like atmosphere.
(Value: Priceless)

Amazing Giveaways! I'll be giving away thousands of dollars in exciting prizes, raffles, contests, etc. Grab your chance for a laptop computer, iPad, cash... and many more valuable gifts I'll announce when we get underway! (Value: Priceless)

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As you can see, I've thrown in everything except the kitchen sink.  So make sure you get your spot by filling in the form now.

I can't wait to meet you in person!

Talk soon,

P.S. - Here comes the cash! Get ready for the tsunami of foreclosures coming in the next few months... you've already paid for this event.. so make sure you attend for the fastest way to get up and running with what's working now.